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“Out of the Blue” – PreemieCare Writer’s Event
Tuesday, June 22, 2004

On June 22, 2004, a unique panel of experts joined forces at the Hudson Hotel in New York for the first media event of its kind to share their expertise and personal stories on prematurity as well as a preventable childhood illness.

Watch special guest Maysa perform "Out of the Blue," the title track to her new CD, and share her personal account of delivering a child three months early.

Hear Dr. Steve Berman, former president of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), discuss the latest information on prematurity and when new parents should call their doctors.

For additional information, please contact Holli Kolkey at 858-546-4811 or Nina Steinberg at 212-845-4267.

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Maureen Doolan Boyle
Executive Director, PreemieCare and MOST
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Steve Berman, M.D., F.A.A.P
Former President of the AAP
56/150k | 300k 56/150k | 300k
Maysa Leak
Jazz Vocalist and Mother
56/150k | 300k 56/150k | 300k
Diane Stanton, MA, RNC
Mt. Sinai Hospital, NY
56/150k | 300k 56/150k | 300k
Amy Yarns
Mother of Premature Quadruplets
56/150k | 300k 56/150k | 300k
Maureen Doolan Boyle
Executive Director, PreemieCare and MOST
Additional comments
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